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List of Peanuts and Snoopy Items for sale

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1973 Snoopy Skiing Aviva Ceramic Musical
1988 Snoopy and Woodstock by Lamppost Willitts Ceramic Christmas Musical


1975 Snoopy Carrying Christmas Tree Ceramic Ornament
1975 Snoopy Holding Christmas Stocking Ceramic Ornament
1976 Lucy Playing Trumpet Ceramic Ornament
1977 Snoopy Venetian Italy Ceramic Ornament
1978 Woodstock Hugging Christmas Present Ceramic Ornament
1979 Woodstock Riding in Fire Engine Ceramic Ornament
1981 Snoopy and Woodstock with Sack Ceramic Ornament
1981 Snoopy Decorating Christmas Tree Ceramic Ornament
1981 Snoopy Riding Hobby Horse Ceramic Ornament
1982 Charlie Brown Hugging Gift Ornament
1996 Snoopy and Woodstock Hallmark Ornament

Pen Holders

1970's Snoopy Heart Shaped Ceramic Pen Holder 'I Love You'
1970's Snoopy Sitting on Heart Ceramic Pen Holder

Pins and Charms

Snoopy Aviva Metal Ski Pin
Snoopy Aviva Scuba Diver Metal Pin
Snoopy Holding Skis Metal Aviva Pin
Snoopy Skiing Metal Ski Pin
Snoopy and Woodstock Heart Shaped Metal Pin
Snoopy Lying on Moon Aviva Metal Pin
Snoopy Lying on Wreath Aviva Metal Pin
Snoopy Cowboy Aviva Metal Pin
Snoopy Dressed as Santa Claus Aviva Metal Christmas Pin
Snoopy Dancing Wildly Enamel Pin
Snoopy Wearing Hockey Glove Metal Pin
Snoopy Hugging Woodstock Metal Pin
Snoopy Hugging Skis Aviva Metal Charm
Snoopy Wearing Hero Medal Aviva Metal Charm
Snoopy on Skis Aviva Metal Charm
Snoopy as the Flying Ace Aviva Metal Charm
Snoopy and Woodstock on Dog House Aviva Metal Charm


1970's Snoopy Lying on Love Ceramic Planter

PVC Toy Figures

1981 Snoopy Disco Dancer PVC Figure Toy
1981 Snoopy as Sherlock Holmes PVC Figure Toy
1989 Belle the Bride PVC Figure Toy


Vintage 'Snoopy's Kingdom' Shoe Bag
1983 Snoopy and Woodstock Sears Toy Chest
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